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This weekend we had our first chance to see the boys in action. Albeit fake action, against colleges: Seattle-Pacific and Gonzaga on Saturday and Sunday respectively. It was a good chance to watch a game without screaming and watch the action from the sidelines instead of behind the north goal (sitting amongst the parents of the college kids against whom we were playing). I now see why and how Gavin Wilkinson is so important to the success of the team; definitely a commanding presence on the pitch. He and Scot Thompson will make us solid on defense (along with the hoped-for return of John Saunders in net).

I don't have much else to add (feel free to post pics, Miz Mouse), other than that I enjoyed seeing some live soccer and I'm pspspspsyched for next Saturday - 1st pre-season game against Flounder FC. Then the LA Galaxy, with Alan Gordon, Landon Donovan (and Cobi Jones!) come to town the following Wednesday (Apr 13th). Rock. No Chalk. Timbers. Woot.
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