laurie (mousebad) wrote in timbers_army,

sunday (4.17.05) at the mothership

(crossposted from the board)

i know a bunch of you will be there working on the mural,
but i thought it might be fun to have a lazy afternoon gathering as well.
the pool tables are set up for free games and those of us who were there last sunday had a good time.

i'd also like to convince gwar or betsy to bring along a copy of apples to apples (best game ever!), which is perfect for a group of 5-8 people to play and is really entertaining.

i'll be there sometime around 3pm, maybe earlier.

and.... since i'm not going to start a new thread just to debut my awesome new dress....

that's a whole lot of 100% polyester goodness, people.
and you can all bask in its glory next saturday....
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